10 Rules to Control Your Appetite

Build a better-conditioned physique without starvation.

7 | Try 5-HTP

To help quell your appetite, use 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan or 5-hydroxy-l-tryptophan), a natural supplement that is converted in the brain into a chemical called serotonin. One study with obese women (F. Ceci et al., Journal of Neural Transmission, 76[2]:109-17, 1989) showed that taking 5-HTP daily 30 minutes before meals for five weeks decreased appetite and resulted in weight loss. Try 50-100 milligrams (mg) daily,in split doses, shortly before your largest meals.

8 | Choose tyrosine and caffeine

The amino acid tyrosine, when consumed on an empty stomach, can increase levels of noradrenalin (norepinephrine) in the body to act as a mild appetite suppressant. Take it along with caffeine — a large cup of coffee (with up to 200 mg caffeine) — and you enhance the effect. Caffeine compounds the noradrenalinboosting proclivity of tyrosine and also liberates free fatty acids from fat cells. Both free fatty acids and glycerol — the byproduct of fat breakdown — help short-circuit the appetite control center located in the brain. A good tactic for suppressing appetite is to use 2 g of tyrosine and a cup of coffee in the morning 45 minutes before eating and repeat the process in the early afternoon.

9 | Take ZMA

ZMA (a formulated zinc product) is known to help improve training recovery and allow you to sleep better, but it can also help you keep your food intake in check. People who have zinc deficiency also tend to have less leptin, and leptin is associated with appetite control. By bumping up zinc, you increase your leptin levels, giving you better command over your eating.

10 | Supplement with histidine

Here’s a not-so-popular amino acid that recent research has shown helps suppress appetite. It’s believed that histidine influences the hormone leptin, which helps control hunger. Histidine gives way to histamines, which decrease food consumption. (On the flip side, taking antihistamines — drugs that block the release of histamines — can lead to greater food consumption.) Try taking 500 mg of histidine three times a day to help control appetite. – FLEX



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