4 Keys to Muscle Growth

Research-backed strategies to maximize muscle growth

2. Structured 

Dietary monotony is something that nearly everyone experiences. Adhering to the structure of a diet can become boring, repetitive, and actually counterproductive. Meal consistency and regularity, albeit boring as heck, are time-tested staple processes in the bodybuilding lifestyle that certainly have their place when it comes to fostering 
a good physique. It’s certainly true that regular feeding is critical to countering catabolism. You should never feel starved, nor should you gorge until you’re stuffed. But
while it should form the baseline management of your daily muscle-building routine, remember that myostatin expression still lurks. That’s because you’ll still have times when the thought of more food literally sickens you. I suspect this is brought about by periods of myostatin overexpression. Certainly studies tell us that myostatin gene expression and caloric restriction have a connection.(13) But whatever the mechanism, this is a critical time when you must temporarily go against the bodybuilding standard and avoid food for a short period
by using a rare day of fasting to your metabolic advantage. I call it “structured fasting” because
the way I do it, it’s not a complete hardcore fast. The key is to include an early substantial breakfast of something like protein, milk, and oats. After that, it’s no food at all but with very liberal amounts of water all day. I do this at least a few times a year, and it works like magic to clean out the system, reset the metabolism, and, I believe, keep myostatin expression in check.

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