The 5 in 5 Gain Plan

Pack on 5 pounds of lean muscle in just 5 weeks. You in?


As you probably know firsthand, a bodybuilder can be his own worst critic when it comes to assessing his appearance. It’s a constant pursuit of perfection, and part of it involves keeping a stern eye on the smallest details. To stick with this (or any) specific diet, such a mindset can come in handy. Turn this negative attribute into a positive, and engage in some forward thinking to fuel your motivation.

How? Setting a realistic short-term goal, such as completing the tasks laid out within this article, is an easy and forward-thinking way to stay focused and not become frustrated or give up. Make sure to never skip a meal or a workout, and that consistency will coalesce into results over time.

With such a positive mental outlook, you can settle in and attack your mass-gaining assignment aggressively. You have a deadline and a specific target: gaining five pounds of muscle in 35 days. Focusing with this goal and time period in mind should enable you to get the most out of your workouts. Now is not the time to hold back — push yourself to your absolute limits in your training, always aware that the finish line is within sight.


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