The Calorie Fallacy

Energy-in = energy-out...right?


The second law of thermodynamics is more applicable to the human body, because it allows for the notion of efficiency. Efficiency is a measure of how much work you’re getting done based on the energy you’re putting in. A standard internal combustion engine the one  in your car is approximately 33% efficient. This means that about a third of the energy you’re putting in actually does work. You’re losing the rest of it in the form of heat.

This is essentially how your body works. When your diet consists of 60% carbs, your body wastes about two-thirds of the ingested energy as heat. Some of this helps hold our internal temperature constant, but the rest is lost in other ways. Research on efficiency and wasted heat shows that carbs lead the way in this department when they comprise 55% of the diet or greater. Carbs make you efcient. As you’ll soon see, that’s not what you want.