The Calorie Fallacy

Energy-in = energy-out...right?

If we take our 60% carb diet and invert it so a larger percentage of calories now comes from protein, two 2,000 calorie diets are possible: a high-carb version providing 1,850 physiological  calories, and a low-carb one that provides 1,700 (accounting for all the heat loss). By swapping things out, we cut 150 usable calories per day, even though we’re still consuming 2,000.

If you love food, but want to drop fat and build mass, being inefficient is a good thing. If you’re inefficient, you can eat more and actually drop fat. My diets, the Carb Nite Solution and Carb Back-Loading, manipulate this effect to make the human body as inefficient as possible at the right times. With CNS, the diet has been refined to where your body almost literally can’t store the carbs you’re taking in as fat. You work so hard trying to process them that it releases a ton of heat, you sweat like a faucet, and your vascularity goes through the ceiling. So stop counting calories and start worrying about your body’s efciency and inefficiency. It’s a law of physics, and I’ll take the advice of a physicist over an Internet diet guru any day of the week.




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