Carb "Back-Loading" for Super Size Gains

7 reasons why you SHOULD load-up on carbs at night.
Ismael Roldan


If you train in the early morning, you can get a bigger boost from your post-training nutrition. Believe it or not, there’s a sort of “insulin memory” to your nighttime carb feedings that extends to your next morning meal. Creating a larger insulin spike before you go to sleep causes a greater insulin response to food the next morning. Using Carb Back-Loading principles to tweak your diet for this training schedule, you can get a larger anabolic burst after your morning workouts.


Insulin is an anti-inflammatory. Large insulin spikes can help speed muscle repair and growth. Yes, you definitely need free-radical production during your training sessions to trigger growth, but too much will ultimately slow your progress. This effect is known as hormesis—a little is good, but a lot is bad. Using junk to cause large insulin releases can potentially decrease muscle protein breakdown and increase muscle protein synthesis
in even more ways than simple nutrient delivery.


Insulin release up to a certain threshold shuts down fat cells’ ability to release fat, and increases their ability to store it. Research released by the American Diabetes Association, however, found that once you drive insulin levels higher, it’s like flipping a switch that actually causes your fat cells to increase their ability to empty their fat loads. How do you accomplish this? You guessed it: with high-glycemic carbs, not their low-glycemic brethren.




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