Growth Surge

Hit a training plateau? Prime your body for gains with this week-long supplement-loading program.


Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. Dietary glutamine has demonstrated an effect that allows other dietary aminos to be used for protein synthesis and muscle growth, sparing amino acids. Glutamine also helps draw optimal amounts of water, glycogen and other nutrients from blood into muscle cells, where they can be utilized completely to help you grow bigger and stronger.

On top of all this, glutamine serves as a fuel source for the immune system and supports healthy gastrointestinal function. This might be as important as anything, because being sick for two weeks will destroy gains much faster than an “average” training plateau.

SURGE DOSE | To provide your muscles with a big surge of glutamine for one week, try taking 40 g per day — 10 when you wake up, 10 right before your workout, 10 immediately after your workout and 10 before bedtime.

MAINTENANCE DOSE | Take 5 g of glutamine at each of those four times of day.


The amino acid arginine is well established as an effective nitric oxide (NO) booster. For that reason, various forms of arginine (L-arginine, arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, arginine ethyl ester, etc.) are included in virtually every “pump” product on the market. Because arginine helps increase circulating levels of NO gas, it in turn promotes blood-vessel dilation and, therefore, the delivery of blood, oxygen, nutrients and anabolic hormones to working muscles. The effect is improved protein synthesis and more rapid recovery. Arginine also helps to draw more water into muscle cells (a contributing factor for better pumps) and boosts growth hormone release.

SURGE DOSE | During surge week, take 5 g of arginine four times per day — before breakfast, before lunch, before training and before bedtime.

MAINTENANCE DOSE | For maintenance, drop down to 3 g before breakfast, before training and before bedtime.

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