Kick-Start Your Metabolism: Part 2

An easy-to-follow method to lose fat and gain lean muscle.


First and foremost, keeping your food list simple will help. Look for whole foods as your dietary sources:

PROTEINS Make certain your diet contains clean, whole-food proteins such as: fish, boneless, skinless turkey breast, boneless, skinless chicken breast, lean cuts of red meat , legumes, nuts (such as peanuts or almonds).

CARBOHYDRATES Again, as with proteins, keep these sources as clean and unprocessed as possible: Vegetables such as green beans, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and leafy greens are just a few of the endless possibilities. 

Fruits such as dark berries (blueberries, blackberries, acai), red berries (strawberries/raspberries), apples, and grapes are all great sources. (Please remember, however, when utilizing fresh fruits and vegetables into your dietary program to visit your local farmers market—usually home-grown local fruits and vegetables use the least amount of pesticides, which can greatly inhibit the metabolism—and washing your fruits and vegetables thoroughly will help decrease the amount of pesticide ingested.) 

Whole grains such as whole oats, quinoa, and fragrant rices such as basmati or jasmine are also excellent carbohydrate choices.


As far as what to stay away from—the list is extensive, but to simplify things stay away from:

Packaged and Processed foods that are not in their natural, whole state foods filled with additives and preservatives. Basically if you look at the ingredient label, and it reads like the index of a chemistry book— stay away from it!

Refined sugars. 

Alcohol. This is a tough one for many to completely cut out—if you find you can’t completely cut it out—at least drastically cut down on your amount!

High-sugar colas, diet sodas, and carbonated beverages.

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