Kick-Start Your Metabolism: Part 2

An easy-to-follow method to lose fat and gain lean muscle.



Although it would seem like a perfect world if all you had to do was change your eating program to get things back on track, it wouldn’t be practical or realistic. Now it’s time for a new workout to go with your new eating plan. There are two primary points to your workout: a solid weight-resistance training program and a cardiovascular program. Learning to balance the two programs is where it gets a little tricky. Immediately, most people think cardio is what is needed to burn calories, so that should be the primary focus. But this is not necessarily correct. If all a person does is focus on cardio—say they run four to five miles a day and are burning through their daily caloric intake — this is great, but are they truly tightening up and losing actual body fat? The answer is probably no. They’re burning calories, which will translate to weight loss, but they are more than likely burning up muscle as well, which creates a “skinny fat” physique. By this I mean a person who has a slender physique but still has a high amount of body fat because they’re devoid of actual muscle mass necessary to tone, tighten, and firm the body and keep the metabolism burning hot. This is why weight training is just as important for revving up the metabolism as cardiovascular training. Combining both types of training will optimize your metabolism, and here’s why: 

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