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If You Want to Get Big, You Have to Eat Big

BEEF (Organic)

Beef is a great bodybuilding food because of its high protein, cholesterol and saturated fat content, all of which help increase testosterone levels. But red meat becomes even more of a superfood when you choose organic cuts, especially those from grass-fed cattle, which contain more conjugated linoleic acid than traditionally raised cattle. CLA, a healthy fat, helps you shed more bodyfat on top of providing a boost in size and strength. Going organic also provides more omega-3 fatty acids, which will further boost muscle mass and strength. (See the section on salmon for more information on omega-3 fats.) Is buying organic beef a bit more expensive? Yes, but it’s well worth the splurge.

Saturated fat and cholesterol can raise testosterone levels, but too much of these good things can produce size where you don’t want it: namely, around your gut. When you’re craving a nice, juicy steak, select a lean cut such as top sirloin instead of a fatty rib eye. Although it contains less fat, sirloin still provides enough saturated fat and cholesterol to sufficiently feed your muscles.

Serving Size: 8 oz 90% lean ground organic beef Nutrients: 392 calories, 48 g protein, 0 g carbs, 24 g fat Value Added: 8 oz serving of grass-fed beef provides 2½ g CLA, more than twice that of conventionally raised beef

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