7 Best Carbs to Build Muscle

These carbs are premium fuel for building new muscle!
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For all but those in precontest mode, carbs should comprise the bulk of your diet as they create an environment for growth by stimulating insulin release.

FLEX has compiled this list of seven great high-carb bites that bodybuilders--especially hardgainers--can use to enhance muscle recovery and pack on muscle mass. Keep in mind, these foods are best for bulking and aren't considered to be foundational carbohydrates for precontest bodybuilders or those trying to rip up.


Benefit: Convenient high-calorie foodBreakfast cereals with at least two grams (g) of fiber per serving can be converted into good offseason bodybuilding foods. Fiber slows digestion, making cereal a good source of energy that can be eaten at any time. For the best results, double the serving size, mix in one rounded scoop of whey protein and enough milk to bring the carb content to about 60 g and the protein content to 30 g.

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