9 Tricks to Burn Fat Fast

Fat-burning secrets to get you ripped in a hurry


Eating dairy isn’t just about getting protein for building muscle; the calcium is a huge benefit for fat loss.

WHY IT WORKS: Calcium has been shown in numerous studies to enhance fat loss, particularly around the abs. It’s suggested that calcitrol, a hormone that promotes fat gain and limits fat burning, is suppressed when adequate calcium is consumed in the diet. Calcium may also help decrease the amount of dietary fat absorbed by your intestines, and a recent study suggests that it helps to curb food intake.

DO THIS: Opt for dairy products such as low-fat cottage cheese and Greek yogurt two or three times a day as high-protein snacks.

IT’S ALL GREEK: The difference between regular and Greek yogurt is pretty simple: the latter contains about twice as much protein as the former and about half the carbs.


Buying organic will cost you a few extra bucks, but for some foods it’s worth the added expense, as these all-natural forms can greatly enhance the fat-burning process.

WHY IT WORKS: One study out of the United Kingdom reported that organic milk had roughly 70 percent more omega-3 fats than regular milk. Another study found that organically raised (grass-fed) cows produced milk with a whopping 500 percent more conjugated linoleic acid than conventionally raised cows and that the meat from the organic ones also contained more CLA and omega-3s — both of which aid in fat burning as well as muscle building.

DO THIS: When shopping for milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese and beef, buy organic if you can afford it.