Shredding Strategies

6 pro-caliber dieting secrets to help you cut up and lean out


It would be nice

to cut calories and cruise into a bodybuilding show or simply a lean physique without ever having to readjust your diet. In the real world, the process is never that easy. Many factors come into play that can make getting ripped to the bone quite a pain in the you-know-what. When the extreme low-calorie days discussed in secret #2 no longer work, I may tell a bodybuilder to slash carbs to 30 g for four days, Monday through Thursday, while subsequently supplementing with 20-25 g a day of medium-chain triglycerides and 3-5 g of carnitine. Those two supplements help promote a metabolism shift in which greater amounts of fat are burned.

When carbs radically plunge and stay low, ketone formation increases. Ketones are byproducts of fat breakdown and can help make you leaner by causing a small uptick in the metabolic rate. Ketones are also highly effective at preventing muscle loss when carbs remain radically lower; ketones are burned preferentially to muscle tissue. If there are large quantities of ketones floating around in the blood, the body will burn those rather than melt away muscle tissue.


is a cousin to amino acids and supports fat loss by funneling fatty acids into the machinery in muscle cells where they are burned, giving your body energy while leaning you out. Carnitine also aids in the metabolism of ketones, helping you access the energy within them, while offering additional metabolic support by making ketones more efficient at preventing muscle breakdown. Both actions contribute to greater fat loss.

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