Take vitamin D to boost testosterone levels and strength.

If you still think vitamin D only aids bone health, then you’ve missed out on all our articles about its importance for muscle strength. Yes, muscles actually have vitamin D receptors crucial to strength.

Two new studies further highlight the importance of D when it comes to muscles. German scientists found that men with higher blood levels of vitamin D had significantly higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of sex-hormone binding globulin than those with low levels of vitamin D in their blood. Having lower SHBG, means that more testosterone is free to get into the muscles and increase muscle growth. Another study found that college-age women with lower blood levels of vitamin D had significantly higher levels of fat in their muscles than those with high levels of the vitamin. You can store body fat both under your skin and in your muscles. Having fattier muscles not only means that you have more body fat, but also potentially weaker muscles.

To make sure your vitamin D levels are up to par, as well as your testosterone levels and muscle strength, take 2,000-5,000 international units of vitamin D3 per day with meals.


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