The 5 in 5 Gain Plan

Pack on FIVE POUNDS of lean muscle mass in FIVE WEEKS. You in?


The nutritional program outlined here is a one-week diet based on an ecto-mesomorph, who happens to be a 150-pound male of average build — i.e. skinny with a little bit of muscle. Included are two sample plans for meals on workout days and rest days. Spread your meals throughout the day, as suggested by the times given in the charts. Instructions included in the “Adapting the Program for You” section explain how to adjust this program to suit your own specific bodytype.


After a workout, it’s critical to get nutrients within 30 minutes.

Click to see a printable version of each diet:

Workout Days, Sample 1



Workout Days, Sample 2



Rest Days, Sample 1



Rest Days, Sample 2




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