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The complete supplement program for adding major muscle


Once you’ve stepped up your supplement regimen, it’s time to take it to the next level with these three hardcore mass and strength supplements that will keep your gains coming by not only providing their own unique benefits, but by enhancing the benefits of the six supplements you’re already taking.


This is one of our favorite preworkout

supplements, and not just because of the quick pick-me-up caffeine supplies, but because numerous research studies show that it enhances workouts. Caffeine provides the needed drive and energy for high-intensity training, which will further boost the energy aid you’re getting from whey, BCAAs and NO boosters. Caffeine has also been shown to immediately increase muscle strength, which will further enhance the strength gains you’ll experience from creatine. Moreover, caffeine blunts muscle pain during workouts so that you can take your training to failure, and beyond, for maximum gains in muscle size.

Mass Prescription: Take 200-400 mg of caffeine in the form of a supplement about an hour before workouts. FLEX recommends a supplement rather than coffee because the caffeine content of coffee can vary widely. Also, studies tend to show that coffee doesn’t enhance performance as well as caffeine supplements.

*Strong Suit: Add a 20- to 40-g casein shake to your diet (be sure to use a casein protein product that contains micellar casein), drinking it immediately before bedtime every night. Casein is a slow-burning protein that will help stave off the breakdown of muscle that occurs while you sleep.


Vitargo is a patented carbohydrate supplement supported by ample clinical research showing that it moves through the stomach more than twice as fast as typical sugars, such as those found in sports drinks. This means it gets into your bloodstream much faster than any other carb, resulting in an incredible spike in the anabolic hormone insulin, which will help deliver those carbs (as well as the amino acids and creatine in your postworkout shake) into your muscle fibers. The new form of Vitargo, called Vitargo S2, mixes better into fluids than the older version of Vitargo.

Mass Prescription: Combine 70g of Vitargo S2 with your postworkout shake.

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