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Testosterone-enhancing minerals, varying supplement regimens and last-minute abs


I’ve been hired for a modeling job, but I’m concerned about getting my abs really ripped. Can you give me some last-minute diet tips?


The last two weeks before a photo shoot or a competition are more about manipulating the way you look rather than changing it. Physical changes, such as adding muscle mass and reducing bodyfat, are long-term processes that need to be addressed in the months before your deadline. If you’ve done the hard work, then here are some techniques you can use to reap the most benefits.

Drink plenty of water - more than a gallon a day. Taking in plenty of fluids will send your body the message that it can shed any fluids that may be obscuring your abs.

Cut down on sodium the week before, then cut it out entirely the last three days before the shoot. Often, bodybuilders cut out sodium too early. This prevents them from getting the immediate diuretic effect of reduced salt intake.

Carb up 24 hours before your shoot. Take in 300-500 grams of carbs divided among four to seven meals starting the day before your shoot. (Consume few if any carbs in the three days preceding this carb bump.)

Cut fluids — even water — 12 - 8 hours before the shoot. Your body will have no choice but to pull even more fluids from storage since you are not providing it with any. - FLEX



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