The 20 Dumbest Things Ever Said by Bodybuilders

Ben Pakulski sets the record straight to these bodybuilding misconceptions.

#11: I’m training to stretch my fascia.

Umm, fascia does not stretch! It’s a proven fact that fascia has the tensile strength of steel. It may expand, much like muscle does when it gets warm, and become more pliable, but as soon as it cools, it’s right back to where it started. Fascia grows in much the same way muscle does. You may break fascial adhesions, which gives the illusion of expansion or greater range (this is a great thing!), but unfortunately it’s not stretching to allow for muscle growth, peeps. Volumize your muscle via training, and the fascia will see a need to adapt and expand or grow.

#12: Narrow-grip T-bar rows work my inner back.

A-mazing! No, they do not! Narrow grip on back simply impedes ranges and forces you to use greater internal rotation of the shoulder joint rotator muscles).

#13: I don’t want to “overtrain.”

Listen, an hour or two five days a week is not overtraining…ever… period. Unless you don’t eat and don’t sleep, in which case, overtraining is the least of your worries.

#14: Low-intensity cardio is best for fat burning.

Hopefully, by now, most of you know that this is a big load of BS and that low-intensity cardio does in fact burn a greater percentage of overall fat while doing the exercise but does nothing for your basal metabolic rate (BMR, aka calorie burning) for the rest of the day.

#15: I must touch the floor on stiff-leg deadlifts for a full range and to maximize stretch in my hamstrings.

Cool, you can touch your toes. That doesn’t mean that you’re getting a greater range in your hamstrings. It often means you’re achieving a greater range via putting your spine in a compromised position. Go only as far as your hamstrings’ flexibility will allow.

#16: Saturated fat is bad.

Actually, there has never been any proven correlation between saturated fat and all the negative things the media might have you believe (i.e., that it leads to heart disease, etc.). When it does become bad is when it’s combined with sugars! Saturated fat on its own actually has many positive benefits in the body, including hormone production.

#17: I’m going to diet and lose body fat before I start weight training.

Okay, maybe not said by a lot of bodybuilders, but I still hear this idiocy all the time. Listen, people: Weight training is the best way to lose body fat and change composition.

#18: Can I get a liftoff?

If you hear somebody say this before they start, walk away! If you can’t lift it on your own, you have no business lifting that weight. The only exceptions would be the crappy old shoulder and incline presses that make you reach four feet behind your head to grab the bar.

#19: Creatine causes cramping and muscle tears.

Nothing even close to that has ever been proven, but the media love to tell stories that sensationalize everything.

#20: I just can’t build up my lagging body part.

Yes, you can. They might never be the best in the world, but you can bring up any lagging body part to match the rest of your body. - FLEX

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