6 Myths About Fat Loss

The truth about about cutting up and staying in shape.

 MYTH 3 


This is the myth I enjoy disproving the most. On a daily basis I hear every excuse: “My parents were over-weight, so that is why I could never get in shape,” or “I’m fat because of my thyroid.” Although there truly are cases where health issues can limit or hinder how lean you can become, in reality, the numbers of those who are actually obese, or feel too lethargic to get in shape due to a thyroid problem, are few and far between. For those, there are always solutions to what you feel are limitations or roadblocks in reaching your weight- loss and fat-loss goals.

I cannot count the number of times an athlete wanting to work with me tells me we are going to have a hard time because they’ve been dealt bad genetics or poor metabolism. I jump to the challenge of proving them wrong! Not everyone is built like Flex Wheeler or Phil Heath, but with hard work, dedication, and determination, you can take your physique much further than you
 ever imagined. With a well-planned diet, cardiovascular training, weight training, and determination, athletes can realize conditioning potential far beyond what they had dreamed.

In reality, using less-than-perfect genetics as an excuse for not being able to lose body fat and weight equates to using the excuse, “I don’t have enough time to work out.” A positive mental attitude will go far by breaking through boundaries
that a person may not even realize they have set for themselves with negative thinking. Additionally, eating habits play an enormous role in how much we weigh. Although some individuals are able to lose weight and lean out more quickly than others, through hard work and utilizing the willpower to reach a certain goal, all individuals have the capacity to push themselves to reach their aspirations of losing weight and creating a lean physique.

Bottom line: Champions are made with sacrifice and hard work—your results will be determined by how much you want to sacrifice and how hard you want to work.

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