6 Myths About Fat Loss

The truth about about cutting up and staying in shape.

 MYTH 4 


Although the scale is a great tool for tracking your progress and knowing how much weight you have lost, losing pounds does not necessarily equate to creating a lean, hard body. I have seen many individuals, whether they are athletes or individuals just wanting to get in shape, make critical mistakes with their program in that they lose weight but also lose precious muscle in the process. So, even though they are getting smaller and the scale shows they are lighter, they end up being “skinny/fat” with slack and flabby skin.

Unfortunately, instead of analyzing what is going wrong with their program, they panic and presume the answer is to cut more calories and do more cardio because they feel this is only going to burn more fat and eventually give them the lean, tight body they crave. This is where the trifecta of cardio, diet, and training all come into play. Making certain that you have a correct balance of a solid nutritional plan, cardiovascular training, and weight training is the best way to be confident that your weight loss will also equate to fat loss.

Train to get huge! See what Steve Kuclo does for size and strength.

What I like to do with my athletes and clients is rely on more
 than the scale. I like to use the
 scale to make certain we are constantly making forward progress with weight loss and to make certain we aren’t losing too much too fast— but I do not become dependent on it. I like to assess how the individual looks in the mirror, in their clothes, through fat-loss evaluation, and by inches lost.

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