6 Myths About Fat Loss

The truth about about cutting up and staying in shape.

 MYTH 5 


You know that in the final hours leading up to a bodybuilding event, athletes drastically cut down their water intake and sometimes even stop drinking liquids altogether until after the show to rid their bodies of excess fluids. However, many individuals and athletes will try to limit their daily water consumption thinking this will make them lighter or help them lose weight.

If you have ever been to a summer training camp for any sport, or even worked outside in extreme heat for hours at a time, the next day you will weigh several pounds lighter from dehydration. But purposely dehydrating yourself in the attempt to lose weight will only slow your fat-burning process and can also be deadly. Limiting fluid intake should never be used as a form of weight loss.

When the body becomes dehydrated on a regular basis, it goes into survival mode; and after a certain period of time without water, the body will actually hold on to water
in an attempt to compensate for
 the lack of fluids it is receiving. From there, the snowball effect continues. Extended, long-term periods of dehydration will increase waste storage in fat cells, making it much more difficult for your kidneys to clear waste from your body. If your kidneys are unable to function properly, your body must then rely on the liver to eradicate waste from the body, placing the liver’s key role of processing fats on hold while it works double-time to remove waste and poisonous contaminants that are building up in your body. While toxins continue to accumulate and the fat-burning process continues to slow, you can experience other problems such as extreme constipation—and aside from major discomfort associated with constipation, poisons accumulate in the bowels, ultimately leading to severe illness if you are unable to relieve yourself.

Ensuring that you drink plenty of water on a daily basis can assist your fat burning and weight loss on many levels:
  • By drinking plenty of fluids daily, your body will not hold water in an attempt to stay hydrated.
  • Optimal hydration will prevent constipation and keep you regular.
  • Water consumption will keep toxins flushed to help shrink fat cells.
  • Hydration will also promote healthy kidney and liver function to increase fat metabolism and waste removal.
  • Drinking water before and with meals can help you feel full more quickly and stifle overeating.

The list of benefits goes on and on, but the point remains that a hydrated body makes much more sense than a dehydrated one for quick weight loss.

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