8 Killer Chinup Challenges

Master these expert-approved moves to build a better-looking upper back

1. Narrow Parallel-Grip Chinup

A narrow, parallel grip provides greater overload for your shoulder extensors. Use V-handles, so your hands are about six to eight inches apart. Focus on bringing your lower chest to the handles as you pull yourself up.

2. Narrow Supinated-grip Chinup

This variation increases the overload on your elbow flexors. Your grip is supinated, and you leave only four to six inches between your little fingers.

3. Medium Parallel-grip Chinup

In this variation your hands are semi-supinated (palms facing each other), about 22 to 24 inches apart. This position places your elbow flexors in their most effective line of pull, and very likely you'll use this type of chinup when you start using additional resistance. This grip also places the least amount of stress on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders.