Armed For Battle

Toney Freeman revamped his guns to assault the stage



  • “I never did rope [pushdowns], because I wasn’t good at them. That changed in 2006, because I realized that I needed to develop my outer-triceps heads more.”
  • “When I start, my hands are outside of my waist, and when I finish, they’re outside of my shoulders. My hands are three feet apart at the bottom.”
  • “If you’ve never tried this method, do it. It’s insane. I try to make things harder to shock my muscles and never allow them to become content. That’s the key to growth, for me anyway.”


  • “I use this as a ‘finishing’ movement. I often pair it in a superset with kickbacks.”
  • “I don’t go heavy, because that can take away the objective here: sculpt the triceps. This exercise is supposed to add detail.”
  • “Another thing about going too heavy — momentum can creep in. Minimizing momentum makes the muscle work harder.”


  • “A good way to add the detail you want in your tri’s. This is something people need to do more often.”
  • “Concentrate on keeping the elbows in close to your body.”
  • “Keep your head and torso upright to take your chest out of the movement, and squeeze your triceps at the top.”



  • “This is the last movement I’ll do, and I try to hit multiple angles to incorporate parts of the muscle that would normally be left alone. It’s a great way to jump-start growth.”
  • “First, I start by going across the body. Then, I do a set going straight down. Last, I do a 180 and go back across my head.”
  • “I have long arms and skinny wrists, so I feel more stable grabbing the ball instead of using a handle. Being comfortable allows me to concentrate on flexing my triceps instead of avoiding angles that cause wrist pain, which I experience with handles.” FLEX

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