Bi's Like Kai's

The Predator's training philosophy and favorite exercises for building massive biceps.


Preacher Curl Movements—including barbell, ez-bar, and dumbbell curls on the free-weight preacher bench as well as single- and dual-arm curls using the machine—often find their way into Greene’s repertoire. The bench helps restrict cheating and focuses form on the bi’s like a laser point.

DO IT RIGHT Adjust the seat height so your upper armpit is snug against the pad when you sit. Grasp the handle with your working hand, using your nonworking arm as a brace. Without standing or wiggling in the seat, curl the handle as far as you can without your elbow detaching from the pad, then lower it to a point just before the weight stack touches down.

MAKE IT HARDER Selectorized machines make dropsets easy—simply drop the pin a plate or two after failing, and work your way all the way down the stack.

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