Brian Yersky - Gunning for Glory

The 2012 National Overall Champ's Arm Workout
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“I’d love to be the biggest guy on stage five years down the road but still be in the shape I was at Nationals. But for now, if I can get to 262 to 265, I’m not going to complain. At this point, I have to hang my hat on conditioning.”

■ Birthdate: Jan. 13, 1982
■ Birthplace and Current Residence: Brookfield, OH
■ Height: 5’10”
■ Weight: 257 lbs contest; 307 lbs off-season
■ Occupation: MET-Rx–sponsored athlete
■ Marital Status: Married (to Jordan), with a 1-year-old daughter
■ Competitive Highlights: 2012 NPC Nationals, super-heavyweight and overall champion (earned pro card); 2011 NPC Nationals, super-heavyweight, 3rd; USA Championships, super-heavyweight, 3rd; 2009 NPC Junior Nationals, super-heavyweight, 3rd; 2008 NPC Junior USA, super-heavyweight, 3rd; Junior Nationals, 4th; 2007 NPC Collegiate Nationals, super-heavyweight, 1st; 2007 NPC Junior California, heavyweight, 1st.
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