Giant Guns

Juan Morel's high-rep arm workout for diesel arms.

Per Bernal


START Attach an EZ-bar to a low pulley cable. Stand a foot or two in front of the weight stack and grasp the bar. Begin with your arms extended toward the floor and your knees slightly bent. 

EXECUTION Keeping your elbows in at your sides, curl the weight up as far as possible. Squeeze the contraction for a count at the top, then return to the start position. 

MOREL SAYS “Cables provide a slightly different feel for me than barbell or dumbbell curls. When you’re using free weights, there’s a tendency to go too heavy. With cables, I feel a better isolation in the muscles and a better squeeze at the top. You don’t have to go as heavy to stimulate the muscles in my opinion.” 

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Using the mirror to see your biceps working during cable curls is a good way to make the mind-to-muscle connection. Of course, learn to do it without the mirror. 

Per Bernal


START Sit on the seat of a preacher curl bench and grasp an EZ-bar. Begin with the backs of your upper arms at against the pad and your elbows just short of fully extended.

EXECUTION Keeping your upper arms against the pad, curl the bar up as far as possible. Squeeze your biceps at the top, then slowly lower the bar to the start position.

MOREL SAYS “Always keep your wrists straight on preacher curls; don’t let hands come forward or drop down. Keeping them straight gives you a nice squeeze on the biceps when you come all the way up. At the bottom, I stop a little short of full extension at the elbows to reduce the risk of tearing a biceps.” 


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