The Arnold Files

The ultimate collection of Arnold Schwarzenegger's legendary training advice


Before he was the Governor of California and before he was a movie mega-star, Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of us.  He was in the gym every day building his body and chasing his dream tto become Mr. Olympia.

With sets, reps, and sweat he fulfilled his dream - 6 times actually - and will forever live in the pantheon of bodybuilding.  And then the rest of the world discovered his dreams went much, much further...

Fortunately for us, images of the body he built are not all that Arnold left the bodybuilding universe.  He's been sharing his legendary training advice on the pages of FLEX ever since we went to press and now we're bringing it to the web.  These are The Arnold Files:

"The Oak's Unique Lifts"

"Chin Master" (back)

"Oak Roots" (calves)

"Peaking the Biceps" (biceps)

"Stuck in the Middle" (back)

"You Should Know Squat" (legs)

"Arnold's Bench Basics" (chest)

Keep checking back - we'll be adding to this list regularly!

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