Ben Pakulski's Top 10 Training Techniques

The 10 reasons the Pak-Man's training is so unique and effective

2) OVERTRAINING IS OVERRATED “New research shows that over- training is about as likely as winning the lottery,” Pakulski contends. “Overtraining is a state that exists systematically throughout your entire body, not within one muscle. It’s a chronic condition that afects your central nervous, endocrine, and muscular systems. As long as you’re giving your body adequate rest and time to recover, overtraining isn’t even a thought.” You’re not going to overtrain because of what you do in the gym. You’re going to overtrain because of what you don’t do out of the gym—nourish and rest your body sufficiently.

3) DOUBLE TROUBLE As with everything in Pak-Man’s program, the practice of doubling up daily workouts for the same body part is based in science. He wants to keep his workouts short (less than 50 minutes) to maximize the hormonal environment for growth. His first daily workout focuses on fast-twitch muscle fibers with heavy weights and explosive concentrics. Necessarily, his rest periods between sets are lengthy (two to four minutes), so he can’t get in many sets in 50 minutes. Therefore, he returns to the gym 4–5 hours later (after two meals and a nap), and he does a second workout for the same body part, focused on exhausting the muscles with lighter weights, shorter rests (40–60 seconds), more isolation exercises, and techniques like supersets and dropsets. To over-reach a weak area, he recommends training the same body part twice daily every other day over five days (six workouts total for that body part). Then take three days of from the gym to foster recovery and growth.

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