Ben Pakulski's Top 10 Training Techniques

The 10 reasons the Pak-Man's training is so unique and effective

6) UNIQUE LIFTS Here are four exercises that Pakulski does on some leg days that most trainers never do:

ONE-LEG PRESS Working one side at a time lets you focus more on the muscles of each individual leg. You may also find you can comfortably go deeper by toiling unilaterally. Pak-Man keeps his foot low on the sled and doesn’t rest between taxing his left and right wheels.

REVERSE HYPEREXTENSION Whereas when you do a back extension (popularly called a hyperextension) your legs are locked and only your torso moves, this lif reverses that. Your torso is held steady on a high bench while you’re facedown, and you lif your straight legs up behind you, from down to at least parallel with your torso. This targets the glutes and hamstrings.

SAFETY-BAR SQUAT The owner of arguably bodybuilding’s best legs does a variety of free-weight squats—back, front, dumbbell, and safety bar. The latter differs from a normal back squat because the (padded) bar rests higher on your traps, the resistance is set more forward (sort of halfway between a front and back squat), and you can free up your hands to avoid tumbling over if you fail on a rep without a spotter.

SISSY SQUAT We told you he does a lot of squats. He even sometimes does bodybuilding’s worst-named exercise. The sissy squat is performed by holding a support bar with one hand, standing on your toes and letting your knees go far forward and torso backward as you squat down. 

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