Ben Pakulski's Top 10 Training Techniques

The 10 reasons the Pak-Man's training is so unique and effective

7) BE A CYCLIST The use of cycling periods of different training styles is called periodization. It’s common in powerlifting, but less so in bodybuilding. Pakulski is a big believer in it for continuously stimulating growth. “Bodybuilding is unique because in order to grow you have to constantly shock your muscles with new training,” he states. “Charles Poliquin was a huge help for me in learning how to periodize my own training. There are so many different hypertrophy variables—just a lot of different things people can manipulate.” Pakulski recommends you cycle on and of periods, changing such components as the exercise weight-load (in relation to your one-rep max), workout volume, and length of rest periods. He details how to periodize in his online programs MI40 and Hypertrophy Max.

8) MIDDLE MANAGEMENT This is less of a training tenet than an anti-tenet. So many champion bodybuilders talk about avoiding standing exercises (especially deadlifts) with heavy weights because they’re afraid of thickening their waists or hips that Pakulski has to set the record straight. Workouts aren’t going to change your structure. For better or worse, your structure is based on the DNA-determined dimensions of your skeleton. Pak-Man has relatively wide hips and whether he deadlifts for low reps or never does a standing free- weight exercise his hip width isn’t going to change. (Luckily for him, he has ridiculously wide shoulders to overshadow his hips.) As for a bloated waist, he explains that it comes from “overeating, poor digestion, inflammation from food sensitivities, or liver inflammation.” He’s had some problems with bloating in the past but is controlling it by regulating intestinal inflammation due to food allergies.

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