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Five champs recount their journey to hugeville.


“There’s no one answer for how the average person can get bigger, but I think the thing that’s most overlooked is recovery. Have a strategy for recovery the same way you have one for training and one for eating. That means making sure you get enough quality sleep at night and naps during the day, if you can. That means including other things like deep tissue massage, yoga and stretching — all of which are part of my recovery strategy. And it also means you don’t work a bodypart until it has fully recovered from the last workout.”

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“The secret of muscle growth, I discovered, is in feeling the muscle work. Most of the time, I don’t know how many reps I’ve done, because I’m thinking only of how the muscle is working. Instead of thinking about completing a given number of reps with the heaviest weight possible, I slow my movements and flex the muscle through a full range of motion until it will no longer twitch. I used to train for poundages, but as soon as I started training for feeling, almost overnight I began to notice improvements in growth and hardness.”

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