Big Ramy Trains Arms

The training techniques of Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay
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3 Peak Contractions


To accentuate the shape of his muscles, Elssbiay places special focus on maximizing intra-rep tension. He tends to hold contractions for one or two seconds and fex as hard as possible. He also ends both his triceps and biceps work with exercises that allow him to accentuate this tension—rope pushdowns for tri’s, and rope curls for bi’s (see below).

4 Ropes

A rope lets your arms move independently, and allows you to extend the movement by separating the ends as far as possible at contractions. Big Ramy believes these advantages will accentuate the shape of 
his arm muscles. The rope pushdowns focus mostly on the lateral
(outside) head of his triceps. The rope curls are
 done primarily with a
 thumbs-up grip, but at
contractions, he pulls
the ropes apart with 
his palms up. In each
rep, he places a special 
emphasis on his 
brachialis (palms-facing grip) as well
 as his outer biceps
 heads (narrow,
 palms-up grip).

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