Bodybuilding For Beginners

Ronnie Coleman's advice on growing in mind & body

That’s what brought you to your current advanced level. You will continue growing only if you retain the mentality you had as a beginner. Sure, you’re smarter now, but not more intelligent, so don’t let your brains affect your workout. Thinking doesn’t make you grow. Muscle mass is a product of energy, and energy is a product of hunger. You’re growing because you’re still ramming into those weights, and you see no end.

I keep harping about having 27 years of training behind me, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m still a kid, trying to get as big and as strong as I can. I haven’t gone through stages, training one way as a beginner, another as an intermediate, and still another when I turned pro; nor have I differentiated between massbuilding massbuilding and shaping exercises. Every exercise I do is for mass and strength. I use two different workouts per bodypart only because more mass-building exercises exist than I can fit into a single workout. They do fit, however, into two.

If you had watched me train 20 years ago, the only difference you would notice today is that I lift a lot more weight. To me, though, every workout is brand new because I have a brand-new goal: I intend to lift one more pound, or get one more rep, or a portion of one more rep, or a fraction-of-an-inch more of a rep with those same exercises than in my previous workout. That’s the freshest challenge I could possibly face. - FLEX

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