How Box Squats Can Help You Gain

Box squatting is a safer—and some say more effective—way to exercise your hips, glutes, and upper hamstrings

4. Box squatting ensures 
that all squats will always be below parallel and teaches perfect squatting technique.

When free squatting, the lifter
 often doesn’t squat to parallel when warming up with lighter weights, just as there is an invariable tendency 
to squat higher as weights become heavier. This is eliminated during
box squatting because the lifter sits down onto the box. Once the lifter has established a below parallel height for the box, all squats will be below parallel. Box squatting also teaches perfect squatting technique by allowing the lifter to sit completely back and not down while descending and by removing the speed aspect from the bottom of the lift.

5. Box squatting builds greater absolute and explosive strength, as
well as developing tremendous pulling power in the deadlift and extraordinary jumping ability.

Two proven methods incorporated in box squatting for the development of absolute and explosive strength are relaxed-overcome-by-dynamic work and static-overcome-by-dynamic work. These methods describe the action of the major muscle groups involved in box squatting when the lifter breaks the eccentric-concentric chain. When the lifter sits down on the box, some muscles are relaxed while other muscles are held static. These relaxed and static states are then overcome by dynamic concentric contraction at maximal force when jumping off the box. This increases the rate of force development (RFD). By breaking the eccentric- concentric chain, box squatting produces a rate of force development (RFD) three to four times greater than other types of squatting and builds tremendous starting strength in the major muscles that dominate sports performance. Deep box squatting also develops explosive pulling power off the floor in the deadlift and increases jumping ability substantially. (Westside’s best box jump is 63 1⁄2 inches as of August 2012.)

6. Box squatting will make you a better athlete.

Explosive strength is an absolute requirement for all competitive athletes. An exceptional rate of force development (RFD) means greater acceleration, giving you an edge over an opponent. The static and relaxed-overcome-by-dynamic actions of box squatting will make an athlete strong, fast, and explosive.

7. Box squatting doesn’t require any gear.

Although as far as shoes go, Converse Chuck Taylor shoes are the best for squatting. (Don’t have $100 shoes and a 10¢ squat.)

Those of you who weren’t already box squatting before you read this article, I’m sure you’re now asking yourself how you’ve managed to get this far in life without it. Now that you’re ready, you need to know how to box squat correctly. So in the next issue of FLEX, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to start box squatting the Westside way.




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