Oak Roots

Arnold's training plan to turn his weak calves into a showcase muscle

OAK ROOTS: Arnold's Calf Training Routine

By the time of his 1973 Mr. Olympia victory, Schwarzenegger’s calves were stretching the tape at a prodigious 20" and were considered the best of his day. Even today, his calves would stand out in an Olympia lineup. From the front, they added a diamond-like dimension to his lower legs. From the side, his soleus streaked down his leg in deeply etched vertical lines that shot from his knee to his ankle. From the rear, when flexed, his gastrocnemius bunched up like a squirming snake trapped under his skin. Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger did indeed manage to transform peg legs into pillars and, by following the calf training routine included here, you might just do the same.

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