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Per Bernal


Lie on a at bench and hold a set of dumbbells just above chest level with your palms facing forward and your wrists directly over your elbows. Press the dumbbells up and inward toward each other over your middle chest until your elbows are just shy of locked out. Bring the weights back down until your elbows form 90-degree angles.

DUGDALE SAYS “I prefer to press to only three-fourths lockout. It saves your elbow joints and ensures continuous tension on the pecs throughout the movement. Stabilizing dumbbells versus a barbell activates more muscle bers, which is why I typically include at least one pressing variation with dumbbells in each chest workout.”

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Per Bernal


Stand in the middle of a cable station with D-handles attached to the high-pulley cables. Begin with your arms extended out to your sides and elbows slightly bent. Step forward to make sure the weights aren’t resting on the stacks, then contract your pecs to pull your hands together, maintaining the slight bend in your elbows. At the end of the motion, squeeze your pecs hard for a count.

DUGDALE SAYS “I focus on the eccentric with cable yes, which means I bring my hands together and hold the contraction for a split second before slowly performing the negative portion of the movement with a five- second count. Every rep of every set must have this focused five-second negative. I like doing it this way for the mind-muscle connection. Holding the contraction for a split second and doing slow eccentrics really puts the blood into the pecs.”


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