Pressing Forward

Chest blasting workout from IFBB Pro Clarence DeVis


Where some guys prefer a narrower grip (which incorporates more triceps and allows them to lift greater weight), DeVis spaces his hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on the bar. When he lowers the barbell, his forearms are perpendicular to the floor (rather than the 70 degrees attained by a closer grip). DeVis’ reps are controlled and full; he presses up to just short of lockout to keep continuous tension on his pecs and not tax his joints.

As noted, DeVis is a strong bench presser: You can find videos of him online nailing triples with 455. Still, even with the occasional heavier weights, his reps are calculated and full. If anything, his repetitions slow up as he goes heavier, as he focuses on not just feeling the targeted muscles, but also controlling the weight bearing down on him.

For variety, DeVis will occasionally incorporate dumbbells in lieu of 
a barbell or some variation of a seated bench or Smith machine bench press. Wherever benches fall in his chest routine—first exercise or third— he’ll strive for four sets of 12 reps (unless he’s challenging himself with a heavier weight).

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