Pressing Forward

Chest blasting workout from IFBB Pro Clarence DeVis


Depending on the machine DeVis is using, you’ll notice he doesn’t grip the arm pads; he prefers bracing his upper arms against the pad cushions and squeezing out each of his reps with his arms almost parallel to the foor. On a pec-deck machine, DeVis’ reps are faster than his presses or the tempo of his dumbbell flyes. But again, he’s in control; he’s pumping the muscle, going for the agonizing burn that signals growth stimulation.

When DeVis opts for dumbbell flyes instead of the pec deck, his form is equally good. He doesn’t “bench” his dumbbell flyes the way a lot of guys do. His elbows break parallel and you can see the pectoral muscle fibers that tie into his delts working. Whatever the chest exercise, DeVis never tempts fate (in the form of a torn pec) by letting the weight plummet to his chest. He’ll complete one set fewer on flyes than either of his presses; 3 sets of 12 are the norm here.

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