Everything's BIGGER in TEXAS

The beyond-brutal workouts that built Coleman, Warren and Jackson.


It seemed nothing could top the T-bar’s giving out, but Coleman came close when he squatted 10 deep, picture-perfect reps with 585 and a blood vessel in his nose burst, trickling crimson. The metal got its revenge for those T-bars, but Coleman refused to tap out. He just kept squatting. What’s war without blood? He also repped out leg presses with nearly one ton and lunged the length of the gravel parking lot and back twice in the 98° swelter with 135 on his shoulders. There were leg extensions and leg curls, too, but seeing Mr. O knock out squats with nearly six bills and bleeding for it while DMX shouted curses in that inferno can’t be topped.

We also captured a Coleman chest and triceps workout, in which he did only dumbbell presses flat, incline, and decline for pecs. He planned to perform each with 160-pound dumbbells for sets of 10–12, but on his initial set of flats, he hit five reps and looked good for five more before he bailed, dropping dumbbells that looked like fire hydrants back to the dusty floor. Take that, metal! “That ain’t them,” he told the friend who had retrieved the weights. “Those are the 190s. I want the 160s.” He was using 30 pounds more than he’d intended and was still racking up reps with ease.


SQUAT: 5 sets, 10 reps

LEG PRESS: 4 sets, 12-10 reps

WALKING LUNGE: 2 sets, 100 feet

LEG EXTENSION: 3 sets, 20 reps

STANDING ONE-LEG CURL: 4 sets, 15-10 reps

LYING LEG CURL: 4 sets, 15-8 reps

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