Everything's BIGGER in TEXAS

The beyond-brutal workouts that built Coleman, Warren and Jackson.


At the same time, Warren and his partners unleashed what I called “the sickest workout I’ve ever seen”: barbell incline presses with 405 for 10 reps, bench presses with the same weight for the same reps, and dumbbell presses with 170s and all at a stampede pace.

But it was the final exercise that secured this workout’s legendary status, as Warren fired off drop sets of dips with giant chains draped about his shoulders, engulfing his head in metal. “It might look crazy, but they’re easier to put on and get off, and you can do a drop set by taking off one at a time,” Warren said of the chains. “You can accomplish anything in life as long as you have patience and heart and you’re willing to put in the work.” It was crazy-crazy intense and so was everything else about that hellish workout.


BARBELL INCLINE PRESS: sets 3, reps 8-10

BARBELL BENCH PRESS: sets 3, reps 8-10

DUMMBELL BENCH PRESS: sets 3, reps 8-10

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CABLE CROSSOVER: sets 4, reps 15

WEIGHTED DIP: sets 2, reps 20-24*

*Note: Drop-sets with three subsets of 6-8 reps

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