Get Huge with Trisets & Giant Sets

How to Combine Several Exercises for Max Muscle Growth

H.U.G.E. Trisets Routine

We purposely chose a small body part, forearms, to demonstrate that trisets can be applied to any area. You can work forearms with two barbells: a lighter one for reverse wrist curls and a heavier one for both wrist curls and reverse curls. Do one set of each exercise without resting between sets, and do three or four such trisets.


The Weider Giant Sets Principle

Just as trisets upped supersets by one, giant sets keep adding. They consist of four or more exercises. One set of each is performed without resting between exercises, and each such sequence counts as a giant set. As with trisets, the exercises can be for the same body part (such as quadriceps), or they can hit neighboring body parts (quads, hams, and glutes). Again, strive for exercise diversity. A giant set for legs might consist of leg extensions, seated leg curls, leg presses, and lunges, thus combining isolation exercises (leg extensions, seated leg curls) with compound exercises (leg presses, lunges) to work your quads, hams, and glutes.


H.U.G.E. Giant Sets Routine

This routine works all three areas of the abdominals using four exercises: windshield wipers (obliques and lower abs), standing cable crunches (upper abs), hanging leg or knee raises (lower abs), and decline twisting crunches (obliques and upper abs). Do one set of each exercise without resting between sets, and do three such giant sets.





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