Work Out Like a Winner

13 Jay Culter-approved training techniques.

Do unilateral sets

As with all bodybuilders, Cutler's left and right halves are not symmetrical. His left limbs are clearly superior to their right counterparts. He narrows this gap by including unilateral exercises in every leg and arm workout and placing a special emphasis on bringing up his weaknesses while still expanding his stronger side.

Sweat the small stuff

Unlike most pro bodybuilders, Cutler schedules some forearm and ab sets into his routine, even during the off-season. Likewise, though he has two of the sports best calves, he trains his lower legs as hard as every other body part.

Work your warmups

Lets get the terminology straight. Cutler refers to the lighter sets preceding his working sets as feel sets, not warmups. This is because hes not merely going through the motion on those sets. Instead, he's getting a feel for the weight, making certain his technique is on point, and monitoring his muscles to determine how hard he should push his working sets.



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