Work Out Like a Winner

13 Jay Culter-approved training techniques.

Stick mostly to the 812 rep range

Until 2004, most of his sets were in the 810 range, and during his teenage years he often went even lower. But over the past eight years, he rarely strayed from the 1012 range for big body parts. Arms and calves were mostly in the 12-15 range. But he doesnt always count reps. Throughout each set, he focuses on his working muscles, because he believes that calculating reps is merely a distraction.

Supplement strategically

Whey powders boosted his daily protein intake. Creatine and BCAAs powered him through workouts. Vitamins and minerals ensured that the salad-adverse Cutler had all the necessary micronutrients for recovery. Throughout his career hes been on the cutting edge of sports nutrition.

Eat, eat, and eat some more

When Cutler was a teen bodybuilder living in rural Massachusetts, he used to buy his beef by the cow, literally. He hit the 280 mark before his 20th birthday by training heavy and eating heavier. He'll tell you that eating six or more high-protein meals daily isnt something he enjoys, but frequent feedings have always been a necessary part of his growth plan.



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