Phil Heath's Leg Training Routine

4X Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, takes you through his complete leg training routine


7 sets, 15 reps, 360-450 lbs, choosing one weight and sticking with it

PHIL’S TAKE “I like this move for adding sweep to my outer quads.”

DO IT RIGHT Phil settles himself in a hack squat machine, placing his shoulders and back against the pads while placing his feet no more than 12 inches apart in the center of the platform. Tensing his body and holding his core tight, he unlocks the safety bars, lowering himself downward by bending his knees and engaging his hips. After reaching the bottom-out position, he strongly flexes his thighs and glutes to drive the sled upward until he reaches a standing position, with his knees remaining just slightly bent to protect them from hyperextension.

ERRORS & OMISSIONS Simply put, don’t try to outsmart the machine. That means there’s no need for extreme foot positions near the edge of the platform, or one-leg squats, or aggressive intensity techniques like forced reps. “You can get a lot out of hack squats just by mastering the basics,” Heath contends. “Just realize that you’re not smarter than the engineers who originally designed the machine.”

INTENSITY TIP “While I usually take a minute to 90 seconds or so of rest between sets, for hack squats I cut down the time to 40 seconds, and I stick to it. I clock myself, and at 40 seconds I’m back at it for the next set.” 
FLEXOnline breaks down Phil Heath's leg routine, exercise by exercise. Click "Next Page" for: Barbell Squat and Seated Leg Curl!

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