Phil Heath's Leg Training Routine

4X Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, takes you through his complete leg training routine


2 sets, 50 yards, 135 pounds

PHIL’S TAKE “I take this one outside, it’s my finisher.”

DO IT RIGHT Holding a barbell across his upper back, Phil starts at one end of the gym parking lot, stepping forward with one foot and dropping into a deep lunge. He then pushes of with his back foot to bring it even and then quickly past the lead leg, basically stepping without coming to a standing position between each. He’ll go the length of the lot and back, then rest and repeat once before wrapping his quad session.

ERRORS & OMISSIONS When you step forward, be wary of allowing your front knee to track out past your toes, which puts your knee joint in an awkward position. The easy fix? Take a longer step forward.

INTENSITY TIP “Intensity in this exercise comes from concentrating on your form and continuously moving ahead without stops for rest.”

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