Cutler's Quad Quiz

Jay Cutler answers 10 questions about thigh building.


In addition to squats and leg extensions, what other two exercises does Cutler consider essential to intermediate and advanced quad routines?

A Lunges

B Leg presses

C Hack squats

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D Rope skipping

CUTLER’S ANSWER: B and C. I do leg presses in every quad workout, starting with one or two warm-up sets of 10 reps. Then I do two or three full-on working sets of seven to nine reps. I try to drop the backrest as far back as it’ll go to get the deepest rep possible, and I like to keep my feet at a shoulder-width position. I move through each repetition very quickly, but I sometimes pause at the top for a count of one or two. I always get a full extension — I never do halves or quarters. Full reps build maximum muscle. I also always do two or three sets to failure of hack squats. For these, I keep my feet at shoulder width, toes pointed out slightly. I really try to go deep and stretch my quads to focus on building the lower area near the knees.


TRUE OR FALSE? Cutler does two types of lunges in his quad routine.

CUTLER’S ANSWER: TRUE. I do barbell and dumbbell lunges. I do these standing in the same spot and alternating legs each rep. I never do walking lunges. With lunges, I’m trying to step with a flat foot to put a lot of pressure on the thigh stretch. These help to bring out the detail in the quads. The differences between barbell and dumbbell lunges are slight, but I tend to feel barbell lunges a little more in my glutes. With the dumbbells, I get a deeper stretch, because the dumbbells hang at your sides and sort of drag you down. Dumbbell lunges are safer to bail out of, too, so it helps to do the barbell lunges first, when you have a little more strength and energy, and then switch to dumbbells.


In 100 words or less, how does Cutler place the focus of a lift on his outer thighs?

CUTLER’S ANSWER: I point my toes outward to throw stress to the outer sweep. I find this is also the most comfortable position for lifts such as hack squats and leg presses. Everyone has a position where he feels the tension on the quads the most, and that seems to be the best for me. You have to experiment a little with leg exercises, because subtle differences in positioning can make major differences in how the lifts affect you.


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