The evolution of Markus Rühl's training program and monstrous size!

Markus Rühl posseses enviable size. Markusaurus size! So, how does Rühl grow? No one really knows — not even Rühl. All we can do is trace the evolution of his training, his mentality and his passion for bodybuilding (which is probably the secret behind it all). — Julian Schmidt


My first workout program was given to me when I was 19, by a trainer at a gym that was only for huge guys. He had me train every bodypart every day, four days a week, with two exercises, four sets of 10 reps each, using very light weight and only with machines. His excuse: “They’re safe and you can’t make the wrong moves.” You’ll notice that he only let me do one exercise for triceps. His excuse: “You also train your triceps with chest and shoulders, so you’d be overtraining them if you did more.” Since I played soccer at the time, he also said there was no need for me to train my legs and calves. My workouts took four hours, but I never got a pump. After six weeks, I realized this program was worthless, so I scrapped it.

At age 23, in 1995, Rühl (right) competed at 231 pounds. 

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