Mass Deception

Force new growth with high intensity training

Bodybuilding is a pursuit of passion. If that passion grabs you early enough, it will rise with almost superhuman success to meet adversities in life outside the gym. It can contract time, multiply your strength and unleash your will. The impossible becomes possible. Don’t tell me what you can’t do — you don’t know what you can’t do. What you think you can’t do is only what you won’t do.

I started bodybuilding when I was 18. For the first nine years, I was in the gym all the time — two hours per workout, hitting every bodypart with 20-25 sets. That, I was taught, was how I had to train. I was fine with that. I loved it, but life soon conspired against it. Family and career responsibilities increased, chopping my training time to one-third of what it had been. However, I refused to compromise my bodybuilding progress. Somehow, I had to
compensate for my loss of training time by making my workouts three times more productive. The Dorian Yates-Mike Mentzer method satisfies that requirement if appropriately applied and it worked for them, but it demands multiplying your intensity manifold. That I could do.

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