The term skull crusher is only a gym term, don't make it a reality

Two things for those who have yet to pick up the January issue of FLEX: 1) Shame on you. 2) You're missing out on vital info that can help you in the gym. Here's an example from Gym Doctor on page 88 written by FLEX Senior Science Editor Jim Stoppani, PhD:

SYMPTOMS: Skull crushers, the gym-lingo name for lying tricpes extensions, got its name for a reason. When your triceps fail and the barbell is over your head... you get the picture.

RX: A great way to prevent the lying triceps extension from turning into the skull crusher is to superset lying triceps extensions with close-grip bench presses using the same bar with the same weight. This combines both the high-intensity technique of supersets with pre-exhaust training, as you perform the single-joint lying triceps extensions first, followed by the multijoint close-grip bench presses.

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