The Pros' Secrets to Getting Huge

Size Secrets From Your Favorite Bodybuilders

SIZE SECRET #3Don't Overthink It

KAI GREENE: "You should always aim to reduce everything to its lowest common denominator to keep things very simple. A lot of times we make things more complicated than they need to be, and as a result we make it harder to hear the common sense and universal wisdom that's always lurking and is often quite obvious. We tend to think, 'It can't be that simple. It's got to be something more complex.' If you want to put on muscle, be very clear about that goal. When we're being very clear about the goal, we'll find that we don't need to ask 50 different people the same question. Truth is, I don't have to get lost in minutiae because that just makes things more complicated than they need to be. Keeping things very simple will help anyone who aspires to be better at something. For example, if you want to add size to your legs, you should do squats. It's very simple advice, but it works."


ExerciseSetsRepsWide-grip pullups48-15Lat pulldowns48-15Barbell rows46-15T-bar rows46-15Seated cable rows48-15


SIZE SECRET #4Shorten Your Range of Motion

ED NUNN: “When I had to bring up my upper chest and pec tie-ins to the front delts, I focused a lot on the basic incline barbell bench press, and I got a lot stronger and more powerful on that move. I always make sure to lower the weight slowly, and I also do a pretty brutal drop set on my last set, where I start with 405 pounds and work down to 135. But one technique that really helped me, especially on inclines, was to stay in a certain ‘window’ of the range of motion. I don’t lock out my elbows at the top of the rep and I don’t come down all the way and touch my chest at the bottom. I stop just short of full range of motion on both ends to keep constant tension on the muscles. I think that has really helped my upper-chest development.”


ExerciseSetsRepsStanding dumbell flyes (warm up)2-310-12Flat-bench dumbell presses4-510-12Incline barbell presses48-10*Pec-deck flyes412Cable flyes7**10

* On the last set, Nunn does a drop set where he tries to get 10 reps with each of the following weights (pounds): 405, 315, 275, 225, 185, 135.** Following Hany Rambod’s FST-7 technique, resting 30–45 seconds between each set.

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